Bonita Productions

“If you got what it takes, I am looking for you!"
Bonita Productions
Lorena Monroe, founder and C.E.O. of Bonita Productions, one of the most recognized and successful leaders in business and fashion, is honored to talk about her new company. With all of her success and hard work through her life as an entrepreneur, Lorena has decided to create a production company to help others fulfill their dreams after achieving her own. This is a way she can help others reach the next level in their artistic careers. The mission of her company is to “discover talent” all around the world and give talented individuals the opportunity to stand out through the many platforms and promotional opportunities the company has gained access to through partnerships such as: participation in Fashion Week events, working with RAW (the world’s largest independent arts organization).
“There are those who dream and make their dreams a reality, and those who stay dreaming. Which one are you?” Is a question that Lorena is known to ask aspiring artists. Lorena is confident in her ability to turn dreams into a tangible reality and has been working tirelessly with her team to display artists, photographers, models and their talent in order to connect them with opportunities. She connects advertisers, sponsors and businesses interested in marketing services, with thousands of engaged audience members she has in attendance online and at each fashion show.

At each showcase Lorena interviews emerging artists, designers, musicians, photographers and models to give them a voice and visibility instead of getting lost in the sea of social media. Her ability to highlight others in this way has earned her the title as, “The Voice of Fashion” all over the world. 
This outreach has expanded to the video and photography studio as well as internet development and digital marketing experts. Collaborating with the top individuals in their respective fields. Below are some of the niches we have reach in.